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Welcome to SustainMV - The Sustainability Summer School!

SustainMV 2023

Facts and Figures

Programme Overview

SustainMV is jointly presented by all universities in Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. The overarching theme for this unique event is sustainability in all subject fields. Academics from all MV universities, who are all experts in their respective fields of sustainability, present their work and research.


Sustainability in the fields of Tourism, Renewable Energies, Digital & Technological Innovations, Recycling & Waste Management and Ecosystems.


Online: August 22 – August 24, 2023

On-site: August 28 – September 8, 2023

Target Group

International Bachelor (advanced) as well as Master Students in any sustainability related subject area.


Seminars, workshops, lectures at all participating Universities.
Programme details will be updated continuously on our website under the menu item „Programme“.
SustainMV invites all participants to join a social programme with an excellent selection of cultural events, excursions, social gatherings and sports activities. It is the perfect setting for experiencing the many facets of all participating Universities and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania itself.

Fees and Expenses

Online: Free of Charge

Nominees need to cover their travel- as well as personal expenses, including insurance. Tuition as well as accommodation expenses will be covered by the programme provider. There are no additional charges for selected students.
A registration deposit of 100€ needs to be transferred in case the student is selected for the programme. Upon arrival in Germany the fee will be handed back to the student.


On campus accommodation provided at the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund.

Certificates and Credits

For the on-site part, a certificate of participation will be presented to each student on the last course day provided that the student attended regularly. For the online part, a certificate of participation can be issued upon request.
The on-site part of SustainMV is accredited with 4 ECTS according to the European Credit Transfer System.


Directly via the application form on the top of this website.

Online: Apply from July 10 to July 31 2023.

On-site: The application deadline for SustainMV 2023 on-site has passed.

Our mission

We make sustainability a priority

In the summer of 2021 SustainMV took place for the very first time. This one of a kind event is a joint project of six universities who have made sustainability their prioroty. That is: Universität Greifswald, Universität Rostock, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, Hochschule Wismar, Hochschule Stralsund and Hochschule Neubrandenburg.

Together, all universities in MV present north-east Germany as the fantastic location for sustainability education, research and business that it is.

This unparalleled cooperation between all universities of one region is a huge step towards a joint perspective on international work and finding new and maybe even surprising potentials. Furthermore, it creates a common higher education area in north-east Germany, which would no doubt be a benefit for academics and students alike.

SustainMV promotes MV as a unique location of higher education and as a great place to study internationally.

Sustain MV 2022

A Sustainable Experience


  • Online programme: August 15th until August 18th, 2022
  • On-site programme: August 22nd until September 1st, 2022

Ross (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

„Social, economic, and environmental sustainability is crucial for the Anthropocene. Though sustainability is usually associated with only environmental and climate issues, it can also be highly related to scientific management, sustainable tourism and technical innovations which this program offered. Learning from SustainMV 2022 to bring back the experiences to Asia has become the major takeaway for me to participate in this Summer School. The diversity of the student body from varied countries also provided an opportunity for mutual learning, from online to offline for 2 weeks. What’s more, the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern area, namely Greifswald, Hiddensee, Neubrandenburg, Rostock, Stralsund, Wismar, is impressive with its best practices for sustainability, culture, and nature.

Akvile (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania)

“SustainMV summer school was an incredible place where I could meet new people, shape my worldview and gain new skills. I learned so much about sustainability, our planet and different things we can do to contribute to reducing the threats of climate change. This summer school should be repeated as it is a good opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge in this field, meet like-minded people from all over the world, and challenge their ideas and understandings in discussions and classes.”

Jonathan (Han University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands)

Words can simply not explain how much joy I have experienced over the course of the three weeks in which SustainMV was carried out. Not only did I learn a lot about sustainability within my field of study, but also about sustainability in other fields. It is safe to say that I was able to broaden my horizons. Not only through the well-organized seminars that took part in both online and offline environments, but also through having the opportunity to discuss different sustainable matters with people from all over the  world. From my experience, I deem it highly valuable for any student to participate in events like SustainMV. Upon my arrival, back at my home university, I discussed and made suggestions to our international office to set up similar events. I truly believe that summer schools like SustainMV are crucial to increasing sustainability awareness. Especially since the students that attended the aforementioned event, all have prosperous careers ahead of them in which they can make a lasting change in regard to sustainability.
SustainMV is, from my point of view, ahead of its time. Similar summer schools and events will become of bigger importance in the near future. My sincere recommendation is to continuously fund similar summer schools/events since SustainMV should (and most likely will) be used as a prime example of how we should motivate/inform upcoming professionals in any field to become more aware of sustainable practices.  Lastly, I would like to give praise to the amazing organizational skills of the SustainMV team. Every single staff member was very informative, flexible, and sociable. Without them, this event would not have been the same. I can assure you that anyone that attended or will attend summer school in the future, will concur with me.

Isabella (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, Austria)

“During the summer school Sustain MV 2022, I learned a lot about various sustainability-related topics I was interested in. Visiting a wind turbine, attending lectures about solar energy, seeing a lab that produces, stores, and uses green hydrogen, all of this and more gave an extensive view about green energy and the importance of sustainability in the universities and region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. For me, it was a very rewarding experience, also because the students attending had various academic backgrounds and nationalities.”

Priscila (Federal University of Pará, Brazil)

“I really enjoyed the multidisciplinary program and meeting people from different countries. During SUSTAIN MV I was able to learn about sustainability in practice and I had lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. The SUSTAIN MV must be repeated so that more people have the opportunity to participate in an event like this, and, like me, return to their country of origin with a new concept of sustainability.”

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